Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Side Project II

I’ve been wanting to make my own round bottomed plane for a while; although I have a couple of commercially made ones, I feel that the curves are too tight for the internal shaping of the archtop’s top and back plates, they tend to act like scrub planes and I want to achieve a finer planed surface. If I don’t make one now, I won’t make one once the next instrument is underway and I’m in the zone!
You can see how the curve is much tighter compared to my carving template.
 Here's the finished plane and it works!
Although I suspect it will need some fettling once I’ve got a top plate in front of me. Equally, having made one, I’m open to making some different sized ones too- we’ll see how we go!


Blogger Peter Brown said...

You're a man of many talents, Gary! Stay well.

10:02 am  

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