Friday, July 13, 2012

Purfling and Bindings

I’ve just been doing the purfling and bindings (amongst other things) on Sean’s twin-point and “Project X”.
It always seems so barbaric to cut the channels on such a small instrument with a router, but of course it works incredibly well! However, what I have started to do recently is to score a line around the instrument with my purfling cutter before using the router- this dramatically reduces the chances of the soundboard’s end grain ripping.

So here is Sean’s.....looking very pretty, if I say so myself.

And here is Project X
I am thinking of calling this one “The Standard Plus”, O.K not very imaginative, but reflective of what it is- a mandolin with my Standard shape but upgraded tonewoods and more ornate. I love the single box wood line and rosewood bindings, I always used to do my classical guitars like this; it looks very elegant.

As you can see the back and sides are Indian Rosewood. This beautiful wood seems to have fallen out of fashion, which is a great shame as it is one of the best tonewoods around and in general, I would use it as my de-fault tonewood for back and sides. Sonically it produces a well-balanced rich tone, it works (and bends) remarkably well and looks...... well, as I said before elegant!
This is going to be a very nice mandolin and I hope to offer it at around a grand for those who are interested. It should be complete by September 2012.

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Blogger Wood With Strings said...

Love the twin-point Gary! I think you forgot to resize your pictures before you uploaded them!

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