Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Christmas 2013

Amanda and I would like to wish all of our clients (past, present and future), friends and anyone who knows us a very Happy Christmas. We just couldn’t resist sharing this seasonal photo of our grandson, Jacob with you. Although he is only 7 months old, we’re thinking about his first instrument! When I’m not in the workshop, production doesn’t always stop; with me not there, my team of helpers get the opportunity to get into the workshop to work on Jacob’s baritone uke……………
But on a more serious note, in spite of the economy, instruments continue to be ordered and we are very fortunate to have a healthy order book. Our thanks and appreciation go out to all those who have commissioned an instrument this year. We are lucky to work with so many good folk who share the same values as us.
We wish you all a very Happy Christmas

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Adrian came to collect his mandola and octave mandolin last week and here he is, in the workshop, with his new OM.  It was a treat to hear the instruments played as they should be and it was really enjoyable working with Adrian on his double commission; if you want to see and hear these instruments in action, try to catch Adrian with his excellent band The Fried Pirates.
 I’ve just completed the rosette on Ian’s model 2 guitar. There’s been a lot of thinking time with this one! The sound hole is oval, so after some initial design work, I had a dry run on making the recesses for the rosette and used this as a guide for marking out.
 So here’s the story of Ian’s rosette…….
Very happy with this!
Next the sides have to go together and as the shape is asymmetrical, has a cutaway and there are four side pieces, more careful planning is required.
Making something as unorthodox as my model 2 shape is quite intense, so as “light relief” I’ve been prepping the wood for the next two mandolins. I like to build up a kit of parts, over a period of time and feel that resting the wood helps to build a stable instrument. Alan’s Standard (plus handmade tailpiece); this one has a red spruce top and bubinga back and sides.
And David’s Standard Plus; western red cedar top and English walnut back and sides.
And just in today is a fresh batch of 10 prime red spruce tops from the USA


Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Mandola and Octave Mandolin, now completed!

Adrian’s mandola and octave mandolin are now completed and below are some photos for you.
And here’s a video with a short demo just to tease you!
 There are a few more photos on my website and details of pricing for those who are interested ;-)

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