Sunday, August 16, 2009

New stuff at last!

As promised, we’ve now got broadband! So, for your viewing pleasure, I’ve put three new videos on YouTube. Please remember whilst watching these efforts that I can make instruments better than I play!!!! As I always say, “I play for my pleasure and no one else’s!”

Firstly, we have the two African Blackwood and sinker redwood instruments for Matt Bellamy and Morgan Nicholls of Muse. They’re about to embark on a major world tour so, good luck guys hope it all goes well.

Next, we have Jill’s quilted maple twin-point mandolin.

The third is, “The design and construction of a parlour guitar part I”
Regular readers may remember that awhile ago I actually bought an old parlour guitar! Well, I’m using that as the basis of a new guitar and I thought it might make a nice change to do a video diary of its creation.

And lastly, with a lot of help from my son Luke, I’ve revamped the website. I’m very pleased with the results: I hope that you like it too. As they say in the best American diners, “Enjoy.”
Click here for the new site .

PS. Many thanks to those of you who leave nice comments about my work; they’re greatly appreciated, cheers!

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