Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ergonomic electric

The ergonomic electric is progressing quite quickly and I’m aware that I’ve not said an awful lot about it. Stefano had a pretty clear idea about what he wanted: a very simple looking instrument with a mahogany body and neck and all black hardware. So no fancy stuff here! He mainly plays nylon string guitars, so the fingerboard/neck is a bit wider than a “normal” 7 string electric.

This website is where Stefano got his ideas/inspiration from. I must admit that I would never have thought of building a guitar like this, but when I sat with it balanced nicely on my lap, I thought-yeah, I get this! Once Stefano’s is completed, I’m inspired to a build a 6-string version, a lot fancier, as a speculative build: there is someone out there who does not know yet that this will be the dream guitar for them!

The old Rumsfeld jig was back in action today! The know unknown was: how much compensation should a 56 string tuned to C with 25.3” scale length have? The sliding saddle allows me to find this measurement empirically: I’ve also improved the jig by adding a transducer. The answer 7mm: I now know the position of the bridge relative the frets.

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