Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cutaway Heels Rant!!

I hope that you’ve read my posting about “custom made” guitars. Below is an illustration of point that I was trying to make- this is a cutaway by a well-known American company and is an example of how the heel on a cutaway guitar shouldn’t be done! It’s clear what happens- here a standard neck is fitted to a non-standard body.

However, if you’re building a real one-off, this it what it should look like!
This is the cutaway for Jonathan’s steel-string you can see the smooth transition from neck to body and how the cutaway has to match the taper of the fingerboard (dimensions according to each client’s spec.). Also the heel is tapered so the side has a compound bend in it. Now that’s custom building!

Bridge pins for sale
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Blogger Peter Brown said...

Beautiful work Gary. It's certainly a neater look and would be more comfortable for the player I'm sure.

Am I right in assuming that this elegant transition from neck to cutaway lends itself more to a "permanent" dovetail neck joint than a bolt-on neck and that the body and neck would have to be finished as a single unit?

2:27 PM  
Blogger Gary Nava, Luthier said...

Hi Pete,
You're correct on both counts.
Thanks for the comment.
All the best Gary

3:51 PM  

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