Monday, July 12, 2010

Parlour guitar for sale

Well the parlour guitar is now complete and I’m currently looking for a new home for her. I’m extremely pleased by the way she’s turned out. My intention was to build a guitar that looked like it was built in 19th century, but also satisfies the needs of the 21st century player. Tonally, the guitar is very well balanced and the relatively short scale (625mm) makes it easy to play. I’m sure who ever buys her will delight in the subtle details such as the tiny “N” inlaid in the ebony heel-cap.

Anyway, you can judge for yourself in the video.

Many thanks to all those who have watched, and judging from the feedback that I’ve had, enjoyed the series.

I’ve greatly enjoyed building this instrument and would like to build another (maple?) at some point. But fortunately, in spite of the economy, commissions continue to come in and I won’t have time for another speculative build like this for a year or so.

If you are interested in purchasing the parlour guitar, it comes with a fitted hard case and is priced at 2000GBP.
You can contact me via my website.

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Blogger Josh P. said...


It was great to see this come together. Thanks for the instructional videos and posts. Looking forward to what you are on to next.

2:21 AM  
Anonymous Luke Townsley said...

That's a marvelous piece of work!

2:34 PM  

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