Saturday, January 18, 2014

A belated Happy New Year to you all!

I had forgotten what a fiendishly complicated thing, my model 2 shape is to build! The rim is made up from four side pieces which are joined together with four carefully shaped blocks. As I now use double thickness solid linings (to add rigidity to the rim) there are 16 individual pieces to bend and glue in place. And also there six small strips of spruce glued to the sides to stop any cracks (from an accidental impact) travelling too far around the guitar. These side braces are necessary on a guitar as the sides are under tension from the strings. With the rim made, the ebony points are fitted, glued in place and then blended into the curve of the body. I make that 32 individual components!
Once the rim is completed it’s ready to receive the soundboard and back- the small notches around the edge house the ends of the braces.
And here we are- the body assembled and cleaned-up- very striking eh?
Next step, bindings and purflings, oh and wee bit more abalone!

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