Thursday, April 30, 2020

A true story……

Way back in the olden days when people would gather together to sell their wares, we came across an unloved Burswood mini guitar.
Grammy, who always has a good eye for a bargain, said to Pappy, “we must buy this for our grandson!” So, we gave 10 magic beans and took it home.
For two whole years it sat in Pappy’s workshop, until the day came when, Grammy said, “Soon it will be our grandson’s birthday and he will be old enough to learn to play Smoke On The Water; you must prepare the guitar for him!”
And so, the unloved Burswood was stripped down, anointed with potions and images of legendary heroes applied.
 Much of it’s insides had to be repaired and new parts found. And then after being fettled and loved back into life, it was transported to another county by the magician, UPS, to the young would-be Rockstar in time for his 7th Birthday.


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