Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So what’s been happening in 2013 so far?

I had a bit of a shaky start to 2013; we ended 2012 with some flooding in the workshop. Fortunately, nothing was damaged but it took up a fair bit of time getting various things sorted out. And then I had an argument with a holly tree that I was pruning and ended up with a scratched cornea! However, we’re back to normal now!
As you can see, John’s twin-point is now just hanging-up and looking lovely; I’m waiting for the polish to harden before it’s reassembled.
I’ve just got in two sets of cocobolo for more mandolins; these sets have really straight grain and a lovely reddish/orange hue. Cocobolo is becoming increasing more difficult (and expensive) to get hold of, so I’m pleased to able to replenish my stock.
Tristan’s maple Standard mandolin is progressing nicely; the neck and fingerboard have been glued on. You can see the importance of having a variety of clamps; although it looks like I’m using a lot, the idea is to lightly clamp over a large area. The cam clamps greatly reduce the risk of causing any damage to the body.
I always put a camber on my mandolin fingerboards and the way I ensure that whole fingerboard has been sanded, is to mark the surface with a white pencil, then when you sand the curve you can easily see how you are progressing. Once all the pencil marks have gone, the whole fingerboard has been sanded to the desired curve. 

Next the dots are epoxied in, and wait again!
Tony’s walnut Standard Plus is now coming together too. The soundboard was glued on yesterday and the back today.
Again lots of clamps and a plywood caul to spread the load.

So have you broken your New Year’s resolutions yet? Well look below! Whist waiting for French polish, glue etc. to dry/harden, I’ve made a start on the e-mando! 
You can see the body blank and the shape that I decided upon and I’ve just glued the head splice for the maple neck.

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