Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fitting a Headway mandolin transducer

This week I completed the installation of the Headway transducer into a Breedlove mandolin. Here’s the pre-amp; you can judge its size compared to the tailpiece. 

 The real tricky part of installing a pick-up like this is that everything is fitted from the inside and it’s virtually impossible to work through such a small sound hole. I find that a piece gardening wire is very helpful for pulling components through.
After, who knows how many frustrating attempts, you can’t belief how satisfying it is to poke a wire through a hole!!
Here you can see how it’s routed through the new bridge.
 And the finished job- who’d know that anything had been done? There’s no doubt that these Headways produce a very good amplified sound and they are my pick-ups of choice.

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