Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Dave’s in E-mando, “in the black”?

You’ll be used to seeing my mandolins set-up in the white; a phrase pinched from violin makers, i.e. before they apply that coloured varnish that seems to appeal. Dave’s e-mando has reached the stage where I’ve been getting it set-up prior to applying the finish, and as there’s not a bit of white wood anywhere to be seen……….
I’ve got a spare pick-up that I use at this stage i.e. setting the action and intonation etc. As this one doesn’t have an under-saddle transducer, I thought I’d build an adjustable bridge (it will make action adjustment much easier for Dave). It took a fair bit longer to make than I thought and a couple of goes to get it right and it still needs some tidying up, but that said, I’m really happy with its performance. Whenever you go off-piste, you have to be willing to spend extra time designing and developing your ideas.
I’ve included a photo of me with the octave e-mando so that you can get a better idea of its size.

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